He sells them..... so...........

Have just returned from the Opticians, where we discussed the merits or not
of using supplements with Lutein to ward off ARMD ( age related macular degeneration ) Ma has this and is registered as blind.
I have the beginnings of it but so far so good.
I am really worried about losing my sight.....who on earth is going to look after them if my eyesight goes?
So each month I buy (from Boots the Chemist) Icaps or Macuvite or somesuch and take one everyday.
It is as much superstition and hope than a belief in warding the condition off.
When questioned he was vague, in a 'well it won't do any harm' sort of way....but when I left I noticed that he sells a range of these tablets (at a much higher price) so I suppose he does endorse them in a way.....but really....am I silly to keep buying them?


DUTA said…
Opticians are not the right people to give you an answer. Even eye doctors know very little about supplements. Nevertheless, it's not silly to keep buying them. Even Hope can make a difference, and have a good effect on your eyesight.
Joanne Noragon said…
I agree. See an ophthalmologist for a second opinion and buy them at least until then.
I'd say give them a go. The so called experts are not keen on us going alone are they?
Cro Magnon said…
Losing one's sight would be awful, so as long as they do no harm; why not!
libby said…
Duta...yes I think you are right...I will continue to take them.
Joanne...as much as I know you are right, I will not be dashing off to see an expert just yet....I don't even like to open my eyes underwater and I've been with Ma enough times to know that it won't be fun.
CC..yes I will continue...and keep eating blueberries and green veg too!
Cro..why not indeed...they may be beneficial after all.
Nana Go-Go said…
A really good optician would refer you to an ophthalmologist if he had any concerns about your eyesight. Having said that, those super duper new machines they all use these days for eye tests would show up any abnormalities. Keep taking the tablets if they give you reassurance.
libby said…
Nana....thank you for your wise words....he was not concerned just now but I will carry on x
Jan Francis said…
My husband is in the same position. He takes the eye vitamins and sees the specialist every six months. At home we have a grid (chart) which he looks at every second day. All is supposedly well as long as the lines all look straight. I wonder if you have one as well.