I confess.....

I watched it.
On and off during the morning.
Looked at the hats.
Felt that 4 hours sitting in the Abbey in your best frock and crossing your legs, and then not having a great view, was obviously very very thrilling for the people there, but slightly bizarre.  I found that I did get sucked in to watching more and more as time went by and even smiled and said 'aaah' twice......once when I saw her beautiful dress and then again at the kiss on the balcony.
Decided that it was a mite grumpy of me to be quite so bah humbug and I realised that I liked the event for one reason only.................it was lovely to see so many people being happy.
I don't understand why they were so happy. I cannot 'get' why so many people waved flags or dressed up or acted as if they knew the couple personally. I don't subscribe to the 'nations favourite family' nonsense. They are strangers to me and although I don't wish them harm I don't wish them anything at all really. 
Seeing happiness everywhere was good though.


Betty said…
I didn't think I would watch but found myself sitting through the whole morning and really enjoying it just like you.
Steve said…
I resisted the live coverage but then fell into the morass of repeats and highlights and was swamped for the rest of the day. Oh the shame!
I do quite enjoy all the pageanty so happily sat through it. It was a great day - and, similar to people watching when you're on holiday, great to say "What on earth is she wearing?!"
Curry Queen said…
Actually, I loved it! A little ray of sunshine in a largely cynical world.
Marcheline said…
I loved it because I love all weddings. If I was independently wealthy, I would travel around the world going to the weddings of complete strangers. I would love to attend a wedding ceremony from every culture. There is magic in weddings, and this was no exception. The sermon given after the ring ceremony was wonderful and down to earth, and it heartened me to hear that prayer that Will and Kate wrote... and that they declined wedding presents in favor of donations to charity. A good start for a beautiful couple.

Oh, and I also LOVED the chorale music, couldn't get enough of that.