Monday, March 27, 2017

A little now and then......

I don't do gardening really, and the relaxed look of our suburban lawn and borders can  testify that I do not lie, but a friend with a lovely garden told me to just think of tackling it in bite sized pieces, and to try and do just an hour a day, and accomplish something. So yesterday, assisted by my daughter, who came home for Mothers day (how lucky I am) we did some rather severe cutting back...or giving the plants and bushes a big haircut, as I like to think of it. We are not sure if we have done right or wrong but the one area we tackled looks better, and the branches we left  have two chances...will either flourish or be finished. Time will tell. Then today, as there was a little bit of sun for an hour I then spent time cutting up and bagging all the stuff we cut back yesterday. We do live in a semi mind you and the newly exposed fence right next to the house makes us feel a little overlooked...but who cares, we don't really get up to anything the neighbours would be shocked by!

And of course.....

Much as I would like to treat her to a swanky hotel...we have champagne taste and cider money.


I'm thinking of going to Paris with my daughter for a weekend..any tips re accommodation?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Common sense and good will......

It took weeks and weeks and various emails and photographs, but they have cancelled the PCN.....and agreed that as I have the ticket and I  displayed it in good faith, they would cancel this one but maybe wouldn't be so considerate on the next occasion!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I ALWAYS buy a ticket when I park my car, either for work or leisure.
I bought my ticket this morning, placed the ticket the right way up on the dashboard, went in to work, then returned to a PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE on my car....and a ticket on the dashboard that was upside down....I am guessing that it flipped over when I closed the door.
I KNOW that it is my responsibility to ensure it is the right way up...but it WAS when I left it...and I still have the ticket.....GGRRRRRR.
When I tried to access the local council website re PCN challenges it couldn't find my PCN there....and it wouldn't let me proceed with the challenge...but I have the PCN and the ticket here in my I'm not ABLE  to challenge it because of their system.....GGGRRRR.
I feel so angry because I DID and always DO pay.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

So far so good!

Found my followers but the display is a bit peculiar.......will crack this!

I'm not sure where it is..............

When I tried to spruce up my blog recently I decided to try a new template and 'look'...and in doing so I deleted my 'followers' list, although I do dislike the term followers, and prefer blog friends. I can't find it to put it back and gave up on changing the blog when it seemed that you could have all sorts of bells and whistles and doodads, and I decided to leave things as they were. It has been on my mind to give it a go though, so  I really would like to have a 'side bar' (hope that's the right term) of blogs I read and will perhaps have another go at sprucing things up....if you do read my blog how would you feel about following it? and being on the side bar? I will not let the technology beat me!