Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thanks to blogging.......

My friend Auntiegwen from has just driven away from my home after a very sweet but fleeting visit. It was so lovely to see her. We both work and we both have misters and family and lives, but as today she had a work meeting in my neck of the woods she was able to pop in (with cake... what a woman!) for a quick catch up visit.
The fact that we know each other at all is thanks to lovely is that?
Twas lovely to see you Auntie.....until next time when we can all get together x

Monday, August 24, 2015

Too good to be true.......

Y'see I was beguiled by tales of how quick and easy it any old piece could be made to look wonderful...and all done so quickly too! with no preparation !.........yes I'm talking painting old wax furniture with chalk paint. When I mentioned it to the plumber who did the bathroom recently he pulled one of those faces and said 'oh yes ..chalk painted furniture....get an old table or the paint and the the job...look at it................then put it on the bonfire'.
So I should have listened, but no I was determined to give it a go. There are 4 pine wardrobes in my spare room...all sorts of sizes and all in use but all that horrible piney colour. So as the spare room is more or less our dressing/ironing room now I thought I would make it look great (well better than it is now) by painting all the wardrobes. I imagined a peaceful light room with ordered wardrobes and a calm feel.
So far so ok.
 I had an idea of  what colour I wanted but when I looked at the paint choices I was flummoxed by 'cream/antique white/off white/chalk white/dying breath of poor little frozen baby seal...' and after that I then saw the price of the brushes etc., and almost had the I visited the cheap shop around the corner for a version of the paint and wax and brushes and therein maybe lies the problem.
I started on the smallest wardrobe and as I hate painting I made a deal with the mister.....I would iron all his shirts if he painted for done.
Two coats of paint and much muttering from the mister later we both agreed that 'maybe it will look better when it's dry/waxed?'
Well I've waxed it this morning and unless tinkerbell waves a magic wand full of fairy dust over it while I'm not looking it ain't great...
What I wanted was a pale painted wardobe with a decent finish......what I didn't want was a wardrobe so distressed it's almost suicidal.
Lesson learned.....decide what finish you want...use the proper tools.........or wait for bonfire night.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A bit of wet water won't stop us.......

Yesterday a friend and I went to the Shrewsbury Flower Show/Festival. I am a flower show virgin and now that I have been and had a splendid time I think of it as a smaller version of a combined Royal Show/Chelsea/Trelawnyd. There were all sorts of goodies to see and lots of lovely accents to hear....particularly Welsh and Shropshire and there were wellies and white suited older gentlemen with posh ties. Lots of cake and lots of flowers and all kinds of interesting stuff......this hat in the WI tent won first prize and it was absolutely beautiful....

and I was a very good girl and didn't touch it...which was what I was longing to do. I also wanted to pick up handfuls of the fabulous fruit

 but I suspected and alarm would go off somewhere and I would be strongarmed out of the marquee by two wiry but strong farming types in check shirts.......actually that might have been fun...ahem. So I was good and just oohed and aahed over the giant cabbages and the beautiful flowers and the bunting and the steam train and choir and the fabulous food and  had a really smashing day. I drove there on the motorway in rain that was torrential and quite made us wonder why we were carrying on to an outdoor event.....but as my friend said 'a bit of wet water won't stop us...we've got tickets and brollies and macs and I'm sure it's going to clear up later in the day...' and of course by the time we parked we were down to a drizzle only. Of course I bought a few things....some posh crackers and some allium bulbs and had to have this gorgeous hydrangea......
I really do hope I get to go there again next year....and I really do hope I don't kill the hydrangea.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Heaven on a stick......

No matter how great the holiday there is nothing as lovely as your own bed on that first night back is there?  Croatia is lovely..we had a really fun time - the sun shone - the house was beautiful - and now we have photos and memories. From today I will be catching up with blogs and from next month (because starting mid month would just be weird..) I intend to blog/comment on blogs much more frequently.....I don't tweet or facebook or whatever the newest thing is so I do want to continue blogging..........I'm going to try not to let it slip. Hope you have all had a lovely Summer x
view from the pool

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Seeing places....

Seeing places, people. Not being at work. A little loveliness between the horribleness.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Calling all 'I can fix that for you Libs' clever people.......

When I log in to my blog and look at the reading list of new posts from people I follow, today I also have a long list of what appear to be can I delete them? there is no right click/delete option.......grrrr I hate being this incompetent...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Let me see.............a catch up methinks..........

Our Robins are back and are putting us to shame with their energy and vocal ability.
For the past couple of weeks the pair (one slimmer and longer and one ..well...shorter and fatter..duh) have been a constant source of delight and entertainment for us from our sitting room window.
The hedge in front of the lawn is where the nest is (the same spot as last time) and this mated pair have flown from hedge to bush to lawn to car aerial to bush to lawn to hedge etc., over and over again without stopping.  They have also never been quiet...they sit jabbering away and wittering on and I would love to know what on earth they are saying.  As curious as we are about the contents of the nest, which is man high and looks to be quite deeply set into the hedge, we know that we musn't go near it.....but oh how I would love to see inside.
My sister is now settled, in a sort of way, into her retirement flat, because although it is now furnished and ready to be lived in, she only goes there every afternoon to have a cup of coffee and watch tv and then returns to ma and pa to have dinner and sleep. She has yet to spend the night in her new place, and I suspect she is not yet ready to sever the apron strings....time will tell.
She reached a milestone birthday and so my younger sister and I took her to Oxford for a long weekend..the sun shone, we drank wine, we laughed and had a smashing time....and I wore my new poncho which fits the bill perfectly if you just need a little layer of something lovely to keep out the chill.
Pa is now 88yrs young and we all enjoyed a pub lunch together to celebrate...he seemed really happy and told me it was one of his best ever birthdays....doesn't take big expensive presents to cause a smile sometimes does it?  Although he has had a new set of teeth just lately and they are giving him some gyp and a rather odd smile!
My beyoooouuuuutiful niece was 25 and my beeeeyoooooooottttiiiful daughter was 24 this month and we all managed to spend some happy times together which is always a pleasure.
My daughter was promoted at work and my son and dil now have a house! a beautiful place around the corner from unexpected joy. I had to smile when they were so overjoyed that the place had a 'minton tiled hall floor and a proper pantry'! ...again it's the little things that count .... not bedroom size (good) or neighbours (as yet not met) but the old fashioned doodads they are so thrilled about.
I took my daughter to see the Andy Warhol/William Morris exhibition at the local Gallery and was suprised at how many similarities there were between the two...who knew?
This month I have been able to hang washing out in the garden which I love and I have had a new boss at work which is yet another person passing through the office.....we must have had 12/13 bosses in the last few I am sort of thinking that I may consider retiring in the next year or so...we shall see.
On Friday I went to Edgbaston again to watch the cricket with the mister and had a great time...we were like a couple of old codgers with our packed lunch and umbrella..and we couldn't have cared less.
The last month or so has been a really busy but wonderful one. I have seen friends, both real life and blog buddy ones. Spent time with family. Been to the seaside. Planned holidays. As wonderful as it has been it hasn't all been ha-ha hee-hee ....but I am choosing to just focus on the good in Life and so far it is working for me.

One of the things that really made me smile a few weeks ago.....I was sat in the car in a local supermarket carpark waiting for my sister ..... and in the car next to me was this fine creature....he (although I suppose it could have been a she..) turned once and looked at me and then resumed staring straight ahead  for quite some time.....sorry the photo isn't great but you get the idea don't you?...well I suppose you had to be there.

Fabulous profile don't you think?