Monday, February 8, 2016

Better than using it to dry up....

The top pic is a t-towel that I bought in Rekjavik airport and then brought home and framed.
The bottom one is not a t-towel.  I bought it (watercolour/pen and ink?) in Gothenburg but it reminds me of Spain or France.
We don't do drying up in our house....t-towels tend to be used as oven gloves here.
Crikey this is riveting stuff isn't it? anyhoo.......these posts are just nonsense posts that are allowing me to get used to regular blogging again... so that I can begin to post more frequently in the future....sort of trying out words and sentences and pictures as a 'toes in the water' thingy before jumping in.

Stuff around the house.....

the city break map


something to look at when on the loo

also in the picasso ok picasso postcard
Taking advice from Tom Stephenson....if you have nothing to say publish anyway.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Ma stood by the sideboard and said to me 'did you see that letter from the surgery?'.
I said 'Yes I saw it on Monday'.
Ma shuffles across the room and sits down on the couch.
I pour her a cup of tea.
She starts looking at the stuff on the little table next to her.
I take a sip of tea.
Ma picks up an envelope and says 'did you see that letter from the surgery?'
I say 'yes I saw it on Monday'.
She takes a sip of tea.
I tell her that I've brought her some raspberries and blueberries and was there anything else she wanted?
'But when you come back from the shops I'll show you this letter I've had from the surgery...'.
'I've seen it mom....the one from Dr ______?' .
'I saw it on Monday'.

Pa is climbing some stairs in B+Q, slowly, using his stick and the handrail and with me closely behind.
They do not have the light fitting he wants.
On the way down, and near the bottom, he slips and  misses the last step, but thankfully he doesn't fall over, just stumbles, and as he does, he thwacks me on the ankle with his walking stick.

Putting the shopping away later, water comes gushing out of the bottom of the fridge.
'I told you there was water there.' says Ma to Pa.
'Yes I know... sorry' says Pa.
I dry it up and make another pot of tea.
'Did I show you that letter from the GP?'...asks mom.

The rain has not stopped all day and there is a lot of traffic. There is a queue to get into the supermarket.....where I am going, with Pa, to get the one tin of polish my mom wants.

As I turn around I say to Pa 'this is crazy...I'll get it another time'.
Pa says.....'well just tell your mother you couldn't find it'.
'She want's to show you a letter she had from the surgery....'

Just in case you are reading this and have concerns about the letter from the surgery there is no need, but the repetition of comments and actions and questions etc., from mom is scary and tiring and boring and worrying, and makes me feel guilty when I am driving home and feeling happy and free.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Size does matter......

So if I want to have a single storey rear extension to my semi detached house, according to Mr Pickles and his proposals, is it May 2019 or May 2016 that it has to be finished by, if we are using the 'no planning permission or neighbour consultation needed for 3metre x 4metre work'?.............
t'internet is showing me conflicting information.........
could be typo's but could also be a way of making me confused...and it doesn't take a lot these days.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Spend a few days in Gothenburg where the temperature was minus 11 and as long as you have on your thermal leggings and vest (sexy eh?) and layer up, you never feel the cold. Not once.
Come back to Blightly where the temperature is plus 11 and the heating has been off and the house is so bloody cold  you sit and shiver.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Takes me right back.....

I was sorry to hear of the death of Glenn Frey today.
The music of the Eagles has always been close to my heart.
When I was a teenager I once dated a tall, dark, handsome lad for some months. He had dark hair, blue eyes and I was really smitten. One weekend we borrowed a car and drove for a couple of hours on the motorway heading for a 'weekend away'.
Whenever I hear the Eagles I am instantly taken back in my mind to that was such a lovely time.
Although I was a teenager I remember feeling very grown up...I was in a car, going away for a weekend with my sexy boyfriend, it was summer, the sun was shining, I was slim and young and I remember that I was wearing a pale blue and white cheesecloth shirt and jeans.....when we stopped at a service station, although I seem to think it was more of a garage, to my surprise, he gave me a gift he had just bought me 'for the journey'. It was an 8 track cassette. The Eagles. Which I played and played and played and played. On that journey I remember singing and smiling and feeling sexy and happy.
A few months later he went away to University, and although I visited him there in the early days, and he came home now and again, the relationship just came to a natural end....I had stayed in our home town and was mixing with other lads and he didn't really stay in my mind once he was out of sight.......
I never saw them live although I did see Joe Walsh....he had a bit more about him I thought..he seemed a bit naughtier.
Middle of the road music? boring easy listening music? Maybe ...but if I hear their music I am transported back in time to a really happy little memory.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Looks aren't everything y'know.