Friday, June 24, 2016

And so it begins......

Witnessing history this way is unsettling....what happens now?
I imagine that Trump and Putin are smiling.
Today I will still go about my business as usual but I feel as if we are setting off
on a long hike to who knows where.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Got a parking ticket today...fuck fuckety fuck.

I pay for my parking every bastard day I'm at work and have done for eleventy million sodding years.
Today I hadn't got my glasses on and it was raining and windy and I put in what I thought was the right amount, then put the ticket in the car and went into the office.....when I left work this afternoon and found the parking ticket it appears I had been 10p  £50 to pay thank you very much.

What kind of fool am I? (thank you Mr Newley).....well I'm this kind of fool........

Paid for every school trip for both children.
Paid for every school dinner.
Paid all poll tax.
Paid every time I caught a train.
Paid for every meal I every bought.
Paid every fucking thing I have ever been asked to pay for .......
I am a FOOL....a fool of the highest order.

Hopes were high - but are they now dashed?

Last builder we saw was fabulous.
On time, polite, knowledgeable, seemed genuine, had some ideas and literally lives around the corner.
I suspect though that the price he will come back to us with will be far more than we have to spend.
Will have to wait and see......and not give up the day job just fact might even need to get a night job too!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy birthday Pa....

He is 89 today.
We got together yesterday for a family lunch out and then back to Ma and Pa's place for tea and cake.
As for a present? well he would give me anything if I asked for it but finds the price of razor blades for himself absolutely I bought him a new razor and a supply of blades...he seemed pleased.
This picture was not taken yesterday - this one was taken last year - but I do like it.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Flying visit.......

Yesterday I was persuaded to get the train down to that there London to meet my sister and niece and my daughter...we were going to have a girls night out....which isn't something we ever really do.....but an opportunity presented itself,  we met, had dinner and danced at Shoreditch House (where the average age is YOUNG) and had a splendid time. Then a lovely big breakfast this morning and home on the fast train this afternoon.....the whole get together was quite last minute and splendid and the best bit for my sister and myself was that 'the girls' (our daughters) wanted to spend time with us.....and were not embarrassed when we did a bit of mum dancing in the disco/club room last night.........................and the next best bit? ...singing together in the uber last night, fuelled by a little wine and a lot of happiness.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Builder, builder wherefore art thou?

The builder must be somewhere.
The builder who turns up on time.
The builder who doesn't do a sharp intake of breath and frown when you say what the job is going to be.
The builder who listens to your request and makes suggestions that make you say oh yes how wonderful.
The builder who genuinely is a talented, decent, hard working, honest person who will do the job for fair recompense.
The builder who comes with good recommendation and is able to show you work completed nearby.
The builder who will work on this job only and get it done in the quoted time (ok I'll allow for weather and unforseen circumstances) and on budget.
Do I ask too much?
Surely there is someone somewhere?
What price would you estimate for a single storey semi detached full width extension?
Perhaps large sums of money are ways of saying they don't want the job?
Or maybe I am ignorant of true costs.
Or maybe I just haven't found my builder yet..............

Sunday, April 24, 2016


My husband hit the nail on the head when we were talking about doing the house up once the extension is built......'we've old peopled our house too early' is what he said and he is right. No stair lifts or rails in the bathroom yet, but when the kids were here and we had no money, we bought reproduction furniture that I am quite happily going to throw on a bonfire in the next year, and as a natural and sentimental hoarder I have cupboards full of things and bits and crap....but now I'm having one of those 'why do I have stuff?' moments...and am looking forward to de-cluttering this year.
Watch this space.