Friday, July 21, 2017

My current wants/needs.........

I seem to be running  somewhat low.
If only there was a little shop on the corner where I could pop in, proffer a card to be stamped and
say 'could you top me up please'. Am I really the only one who finds I haven't enough to go around?

Some sunshine.
Grey, wet and windy gets you down after a while, and no I'm not talking about the mister................although....scratches chin and looks off into the distance.......

A walk in shower for Ma and Pa, and being able to find a good builder who can put one in for them.

The wherewithal to book a trip to Yorkshire sculpture park...keep meaning to do is a picture of a sculpture in Lisbon....what do you think?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I don't want to upset anyone mind you.........

I saw something in a charity shop the other day and in my head thought 'oh so-and-so would love that'. 'So and So' is one of you...a blogger....someone I read all the time, although commenting is a bit hit and miss. This got me to thinking about all the bloggers on my reading list, and what sort of gift I imagined they would like to receive out of the blue in the post........this in turn made me think about what I would like to receive out of the blue in the post. Anyhoo....not going to happen, it was just an idle few moments of musing.
In other news, I did not have to go to court, the case was 'settled' apparently, and I haven't been carted off to chokey yet so heyho.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


This is causing me concern.
Tell me what you think.
In January, someone drove into the back of me as I sat in my car in stationary traffic.
It was hardly an accident, in fact it was a gentle nudge.
The guy that had gone into me had been pushed into my car by the guy behind him.
We all exchanged numbers, agreed that there was no damage, and went on our way.
A week or so later I had a call from an insurance company asking if I wanted to pursue a claim and I said that as there was no damage to me or my car I would decline.
Now, I have had a summons from a local court to appear as a witness for 'middle' guy, and a letter from his solicitor asking me to be a witness for him, as I assume he is making a claim against 'last' guy.
My worry is this .... can they make me go?
I have photos of the incident and really do suspect this might be a bogus claim, and I have completed the witness statement form from his solicitor saying just that....surely they won't want me as a witness now?
Put your Perry Mason caps on and advise me please folks.....

Monday, June 19, 2017

How very dare she.........


My friend handed me this paper in Lichfield last week.
A light lunch nearby, and a candle lit in the Cathedral, and some bits and pieces picked up in the market.....yep..felt very 'retired ladies of a certain age'....even if it was a day off from work.
Come to think of it, earlier that day I had been dancing around the bedroom to Lonnie Donegan
(one of the discs chosen by Rick Wakeman for his desert island) and made myself laugh when I caught sight of myself in the mirror, as it was truly terrible 'mom' dancing....naked and wobbly and certainly not a 'pans people' rendition......but it was dancing.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not at all worth waiting for but there you are..........I will continue.....

Having resolved yesterday to try to blog a bit more,  I feel that 'jumping in and just doing it' is the way to go, so....... I will just witter away.....because in all honesty, each and every day my mind is whirling and whizzing away with Life and the world and all its' dreadfulness and what is the point of anything stuff, punctuated by fascination and enjoyment of little chunks of ordinary typing and putting those thoughts down would perhaps be a way of thinking them through and moving on and up....mentally sorting and sifting and dealing....deciding that one foot in front of the other every day and just getting on with things is the way forward...after all,  I read blogs everyday, and am mightily impressed that of the people I read, they manage to just get on with it and either make comments about the days happenings, or vent their spleen in words, or give us a glimpse into their life, or witter on, or tell a joke, or show us a garden .....and I like that.
 The thinking and typing and posting is a commitment and a good thing.
Which is at odds with how I do think about joining in and commenting or posting something of my own but don't....and that is not just is also a lack of confidence in how I feel about things at the moment.....and a lack of security in so many areas.....almost everything I thought I knew or felt secure with is just not so.....I am conflicted about so much in so many ways these days .... I am feeling bombarded by so much stuff  ...... and of course without in any way wanting to minimize the horrors happening in the world of late...... my own stuff  has made me want to think more and say less.
Yet ... nearly everyday,  I am reminded  that ....humans are times fabulous......sometimes frightful....but mostly just people getting on with things and trusting themselves and their feelings.
Hope springs eternal.
I will choose to have faith ......and witter away.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Pa..........

For the first time in his life, just before lunch today,  Pa had balsamic/oil/bread and a few olives..........
'very nice' he said with a smile on his face....wonder what else he will try now that he is 90?

Everything went really well on Saturday and he seems to have had a wonderful weekend.....thank you everyone for know who you are..x